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GSoC'16 with WikiToLearn (KDE)

This year, we had a record number of selections in GSoC and I'm really proud to be a part of FOSS@Amrita club. I am really very excited after getting GSoC. First of all, I would like to thank Tony bhaiya, Harish bhaiya, Bithin Sir and Vipin Sir for supporting and guiding me through it. 

Tbh, My dream of getting GSoC started the day, I fixed my first bug. I remember, it was on 28th Feb, 2016 (I remember the date, as it was my sister's birthday :P). After a few days, we had a motivational session by seniors on GSoC, due to which, I was really into getting GSoC. I also went and asked Vipin Sir, Is it even hypothetically possible for a first year student to get GSoC? 

After the list of selected organizations came, I was searching for a project that would suit my skills. Then, Harish Bhaiya introduced me to a new project by KDE called WikiToLearn. I'm really glad that I chose WikiToLearn as my organization. One can't find a better organization (funny and hard-working) than it. I selected "Enhancement and Offline Support for WikiToLearn Editor" as my project as it was challenging as well as fascinating. My mentor, Gianluca Rigoletti (coolest guy ever met), is an Italian and the funny part is that he's studying Physics :D. He was really supportive and instead of having a mentor-student relationship, we were more of friends. 
Even after, I submitted the proposal, I didn't stop contributing. I also kept on pinging my mentor for one or other reason. My project is about making the current wikitolearn editor work offline.  

Overall, it was a learning experience for me and I know, I have to work harder to complete my project. Once again, I would like to thank all the mentors of FOSS club and WikiToLearn for making it possible.


  1. Congratulations on your feat, Srijan! Happy to have you in our club. Hope it inspires many more firsties to contribute to Open Source projects!

  2. Thanks Tony bhaiya! Hope so! :)